RIK FEENEY - Quick Introduction

Rik Feeney is the author of several books including Writing Books for Fun, Fame & Fortune!, his latest book Editing Basics for Authors and Indie-Publishers!, the soon to be released Book Marketing Basics (for authors on a budget), as well as the upcoming memoir “What Are Little Boys Made of…?”

Rik is a Book Coach, Book Cover Designer, and Publishing Consultant.

He also talks at writer’s conferences and seminars and is the leader of the Orlando Florida Writer’s Association group. Rik’s passion is helping authors effectively and successfully publish their books. 


RIK FEENEY – Long Introduction


Rik Feeney adapted his love of reading, writing, and gymnastics to become a published author of more than 60 books, reports, and CD’s on the sport and business of gymnastics as well as a book coach, book cover designer, and promotional expert for aspiring authors. 

Rik has been traditionally published by Masters Press and ultimately McGraw-Hill for his book “Gymnastics: A Guide for Parents and Athletes”, but then opted to start his own publishing company in 1994 called Richardson Publishing, which uses Traditional, Print-On-Demand, and Digital publishing technologies.

Rik received a Bachelor of Arts in Writing & Literature from Vermont College of Norwich University in 2003.

Rik currently works with authors and self-publishers as a book coach, marketing coach, and publishing consultant providing insight and information to help new writers leap beyond the mundane but financially treacherous concerns of publishing.

​Rik is also the Orlando - Florida Writer’s Association Group Leader and in the past has been a Platinum Sponsor for the FWA State Writer’s Conference. He is also a lifetime member of the Florida Writer’s Association.

​He is also a member of the Florida Author and Publishers Association as well as the Independent Book Publishers Association.

​Rik Feeney has done several talks at writer’s conferences and seminars throughout the Southeast including the Florida Writer’s Association, Florida Author’s and Publisher’s Association, Gulf Coast Writer’s Association, Writers League of the Villages, New Smyrna Beach Book Festival, and several library systems including Orange, Seminole, and Lake counties.

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Testimonials for Rik Feeney

“Rik Feeney is a pro’s pro. His talks are always chock full of useful information. Rik is on the cutting edge. His talk on digital books contained up to the minute information  including current trends.”  -Gregg T. Golson, JAX, FL

“Rik Feeney is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable people in the publishing industry that we have met. He is always well prepared for his seminars and attendees come away with a feeling that their time has been productive. He is recognized by people in the writing and publishing industry as smart, well-qualified and on-top of current trends in the industry.”  -Hank & Jan Racer, Fleming Island, FL

“Rik’s look into digital publishing was quite helpful for someone trying to understand the shift from “book to nook” He gave out quite a few resources to aid with further discovery.”  -Anne M. Sereg, JAX, FL

“The presentation was so well organized that as I thought of questions Rik answered them before I could ask. Rik’s explanation of BISAC codes gave me some ideas for marketing and targeting a broader audience in one of my stories.”
-Teresa Bruce, Orlando, FL

“An information filled entertaining talk. Rik Feeney gives an interesting overview of the entire electronic publishing world from ebooks to print on demand.  -John Simmons, JAX, Beach, FL

​“The best explanation of the mechanics of writing a book I’ve ever heard! A kind “how-to” talk on the bare knuckles world of writing a book.”  -Jack Rhyne, Orange Park, FL

“Rik Feeney always gives more information than I can absorb! He shares his expertise in an interesting and fun way every time.”  -Bonnie Mitchell, Apopka, FL 

“Rik offers a lot of information that is very useful for aspiring writers. I found myself inspired by being surrounded by all the authors and the great ideas. I want to go home and write.  -Jeannie Camargo, Sanford, FL

It seems like Rik [Feeney] covered every possible fact needed for designing / putting together a book cover. I loved how simple he made everything sound.”  -Jackie Chase, Lady Lake, FL

 “So many new ideas. There is a way out. I get it.” Jimmie Moore, JAX, FL

“Software and hardware references helped me focus on what is needed for entering this field.”  -Rich Lee, JAX, FL

“I really appreciated how detailed the speech was without being overwhelming. The anecdotes were funny and helped break up an otherwise dry topic.”  -Sam Oliver, JAX, FL

“Rik’s talks are as entertaining as they are informative. He is very knowledgable about his subject matter.”
-Linda Rondeau, JAX, FL

“Rik has an incredible knowledge base, a pleasant demeanor, and is personable.”  -Melissa Kosciuszko, Fleming Island, FL

“Very helpful information about digital publishing! Good tips for websites for future use.  -Brenda Weiler, JAX, FL

“The storyboard/outline idea was elegantly simple. I’ve only been interested in fiction but you’ve opened my eyes to the possibility of dabbling in nonfiction. Thanks.”  -Sue Sheahan, Green Cove Springs, FL

“Wonderful. Positive. Motivating.”  -Robin Montesano, Chicago, IL

“I learned that writing a book can be easier than I thought. Rik’s storyboard idea is a great help in beginning to write a book.”
-Patricia Farrar, JAX, FL

“Enjoyed the humor. Liked the outlining concepts for nonfiction.” -MS Kosciuszko, Fleming Island, FL

“Rik used humor and encouragement to motivate the group to “do our best” and write a book. The talk was inspirational and thoughtful.”  -Andria McCann, Fleming Island, FL

“Rik’s talk had a lot of good ideas. I liked the one about jotting down notes on index cards. Also, the outline format for planning a book.”  -Kathleen Titra, Middleburg, FL

“Rik kept it interesting – fun – smiled throughout.” Raed Assar, JAX Beach, FL

“It was informative and fun. The suggestions were very valuable.”  -Billy Palmer, Gainesville, FL

“The presentation was very clear, concise, and well thought out. Humor is always an excellent tool.”
  -R. H. Fisher, Orange Park, FL

“Rik has a myriad of helpful ideas and gets your creative synapses firing. Very helpful organizational skills.”
-Sharon Gladden, Fleming Island, FL

“Rik is extremely knowledgeable on writing. Very interesting speaker. Keeps your attention.”  -Ron Zelek, Fleming Island, FL

“Extremely informative – a lot of worthwhile tips on the topic of marketing!”  -Kenneth Overman, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“Wonderful speaker! Will definitely use his services.”  -Laura Mathewson, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“Interesting and informative.”  -Barbara H. Sarvis, Ponte Vedra BeacH, FL

“Rik made the time pass quickly. Excellent information.” Carolee Bettisch, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“Well informed. Many good suggestions.”  -Dr. Paul A. Volz, JAX, FL

“Very good information Rik. Thanks. Put me on your list.”  -George Prom, JAX, FL

“Great, pertinent information about getting your book into the hands of readers and profits into your bank account. Real advice that you can follow.”  -DeDe Slater, JAX, FL

“Energetic presentation. Useful information.”  -Carolyn Evans, Atlantic Beach, FL

“I learned a lot. Left me wanting more.”  -Aileen Wietstruk, St. Augustine, FL

“Great detail on book cover layout. Electronic publishing tips are great!”  -Jackie Barton, Orlando, FL

“Well organized, informative presentation – a very thorough overview of the topic. Rik’s use of examples helped me remember the important points! Excellent, useful information. Thank you.”  -Toni Gitles, Lake Mary, FL

“Rik uses great examples to illustrate his points. He presented a ton of information in an easy to understand manner.”
-Denise Duggan, Sanford, FL

“Rik always delivers more than expected.”  -Myrna Ossin, Altamonte Springs, FL

“Rik was clear and comprehensive.”  -Gordon Johns, Apopka, FL

“I learned great tips for designing a book cover. Rik is a fun and informative speaker.”  -Joey Beauregard, Clermont, FL

“Good information for anyone who wants a book cover that grabs a potential reader’s attention. If you want to sell your book, pay attention and benefit from Rik’s experience.”  -Gary C. Warne, Altamonte Springs, FL

“Lots of good information. Excellent graphic illustrations.”  -Wayne Patterson, Casselberry, FL

“Great overall coverage of [book] covers. Some very professional cover examples shown – congratulations!”
-Erwin Wunderlich, Longwood, FL

“Lots of information. Rik is a very personable and enjoyable speaker.” -D. Michael Jervis, Ormond Beach, FL

“Informative and fun!”  -Gene Balliett, Winter Park, FL


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