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Publishing Basics

The first thing you need to know is there is no right way to publish, there is only the way that is right for you.

And while I will agree that the “outside sells the inside” or a strong cover graphic, a great title, and a marketing blurb on the back cover are critical to book sales, I also know that sometimes you must simply “start where you are right now!”

When you know better, you can do better, but don’t let excess “perfectionism” keep you from publishing.

Oh, and there is one other element, “editing” which makes a difference in whether a book sells or not. Too many misspellings, missing commas, etc. can turn off even the average reader. So, while I will suggest you get an editor with experience in publishing, which can be expensive, at the very least get a few readers with above average reading skills to read your book and give you feedback before publication.

Before we get to the “basics” you need to decide what format you plan to use:

* eBook or Kindle
* paperback or hardcover
* audio book,

* or all three.

NOTE: For those of you planning on being traditionally published, I can help you with book cover design, editing, and marketing BEFORE you query an agent or publisher so your book presents in a professional manner.

Okay, if we decide to work together, here is what will happen.

You and I will chat on the phone, or possibly at a coffee shop, about your book project. We will get a feel for each other and find out whether working together is a good match. I tend to think of myself as shy, quiet, and reserved, however, there are more than a few people that think I have a snarky sense of humor.

If we agree to work together, I will send you a copy of my agreement, which after many edits still has a bunch of the blah, blah, blah legalese. Try not to let it bother you. Every legitimate book coach / consultant has a similar agreement.

You will sign and send me a copy of the agreement with full payment before I start work on your book. No, unfortunately I do not accept partial or monthly payments. I have found that only authors who pay up front end up with a published book.

Next, you will send me a print-ready copy of your manuscript in some version of Microsoft Word. Print-ready means it has already been edited. When I send you a draft copy it is for you to find any mistakes I may have made in layout or design, not to submit errors you caught in the text while reviewing it.

If for some reason you find copious amounts of errors in your writing, we will have to discuss an additional fee to go back in to the basic manuscript and fix them.

While I am doing the formatting and layout, I will send you information about choosing a business name, business format, setting up accounts with print services companies like Amazon, Kindle, and Ingram Spark, and other elements you will need. If you have questions, we can sit down and do this part together.

At the same time I am laying out the book, I will also be designing your book cover. I will send you information that will help you choose the best design and cover graphic for your book. You will get two drafts of the cover, and then the final versions which will include several different formats for publishing and promotional needs.

Once you are happy with the cover and the interior layout, you will send me an email stating that I have your permission to upload the book to your chosen print services company.

Congratulations! You are now a published author.

As always, call, text, or email me with any questions you have during the process. The idea is to make you as comfortable and happy with the process as possible.

Please check the other pages in my site like “Client Books” to see samples of book covers I have designed. Or go to the “Consulting” page to find out about other services I offer.

I offer all new clients a “one-hour free consult” via phone to discuss your book project.

Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to working with you to get your book successfully published.

Rik Feeney