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Critical for Book Sales!
Anyone, at any time, can publish a book today. BUT, can they publish a book that will sell in significant numbers and/or garner critical acclaim?

I believe the most critical elements in book “sales” success are a great title, an enticing book cover, and a compelling marketing description.

In short, the outside sells the inside. No one will ever buy your book unless the title and cover intrigue them and the back copy blurb gets them to stop and open the book. Once they have opened the book, the final critical element is professional editing.

​I can help you with each of these elements.

Rik Feeney: Consulting Services / Book Coaching
There are several levels of editing. You may need one or all of these levels in order to produce a successful book, or you may only need one or two. Feedback from readers will let you know when your book needs more editing (the dreaded one star reviews).

Following are various levels of editing that I provide:

One cent a word
= proofing and basic punctuation. I will go through your manuscript and correct spellings and incorrect words, as well as add or delete basic punctuation.

Two cents a word = proofing and punctuation plus basic grammar corrections.

Three cents a word – proofing, punctuation, basic grammar, continuity concerns, character development, and point-of-view issues.

Four cents a word
= equals all of the above plus discussions about the overall story arc, development of conflict and tension throughout the manuscript, how to show through action and dialogue versus telling through narrative, and working sub-characters into the plot.
Five cents a word = book doctoring. The patient (manuscript) may need extensive procedures to bring it back to life.

​​​How to get started:
1. Give me a call (407-529-8539) and tell me about your book. We are both auditioning at this point to see if we have the rapport to work together.

I consider myself a shy, modest, quiet type of guy – but anyone who knows me is probably coughing behind their hands right now muffling a comment,”Bullsh**!” So we need to see if we can work together and that you get my sense of humor.

For instance, “What did the fish say when it ran into a concrete wall?”
Answer: “Dam!”
See, I think that is hilarious. If you do too, give me a call because we can probably work together.

You send me a copy of your manuscript (in MS Word format). I will edit the first 1500 words for free, and then send it back to you so you can see my editing style and I can give you an estimate of what I will charge to edit the whole manuscript.

​I ask for the whole manuscript so I can dip into it at various chapters and read the ending. Some people start a book like a ball of fire but then fizzle out by the middle. Some books don’t really get started until the third or fourth chapter. I want to see how consistent your writing is throughout the book.

I send you a copy of my “Independent Consultant Agreement – Editing.” You print out two copies, sign both, then send to me along with payment. I will send you back a completed copy of the agreement.

Based on the time frame agreed upon I will edit the book. If I find some really egregious problems that are not covered in the level of editing chosen, I will contact you, send you back the manuscript to fix, then begin editing again upon receipt of the cleaned up manuscript. Otherwise, most manuscripts go through the normal editing process and then I send you back the document highlighted with edits I suggest. You are free to accept or reject any suggestions made.

5. If you would like any additional edits or consults on this book you can contact me and make new arrangements.

​Book / eBook Cover Design - $499 to $999
A complete book cover design includes: the front cover, the back cover, and the spine (depends on page count and paper weight).
A Kindle / eBook cover graphic typically only has a front cover.
​ Whether book or e/Book the cover will be designed in Photoshop so that each element of the cover (title, graphic, author name, call outs, graphic elements) will each be saved in a separate layer for potential edits in the future.
Typically, cover templates sent to printers require a quarter of an inch bleed (area extended beyond the cover) so one version will be saved in this format.
​ For marketing purposes (and eBook covers), the cover will be saved from the Photoshop version in a jpeg format at several levels of resolution – 72 dpi (for computer screens), 150 dpi for upload to Amazon and other booksellers, and 300 dpi for commercial printing purposes (books, business cards, post cards, flyers, and bookmarks). Versions will also be saved in jpeg as both color and grayscale formats.

(See the Home page for a sample of client book covers. See Kindle Book Design below for recent Kindle book covers.)

When you are ready to have your book cover designed, give me a call and we will discuss the options and I will provide you with an outline that will help you determine your most effective cover. I will also send you a copy of my “Independent Consultant Agreement – Book Cover Design,” which you will print two copies of, sign both, then send back to me along with payment and the process of book cover design will start.

Kindle Book Design - $799
Items included in this program:

- Set up Kindle Dashboard.

 - Discuss with author the business set up (bank account, po box, legal format)
- Book cover design (front only) from client’s graphic.
- Interior layout & design (up to 10 photos or illustrations).
- Determine best font.
- Work with client to create marketing description for online sales.
- Upload for publication as a Kindle.
- Create PDF version for sale on author web site.
- Discuss pricing strategies, commissions, & download fee.
- Guide client in registering copyright.
- Design business cards with book cover design.
- Design one sheet from client supplied materials.
- Show client how to develop 100 blog ideas and list of potential book reviewers.
- Discuss basics of Kindle Select, Countdown, Matchbook, and Unlimited marketing programs.
- 3 hours of telephone consult time on any publishing topic.

(This package does not include editing.)

Get Published Now! - Basic - $1997.00

This is the no frills, no marketing elements package. I set the book up for print as an e-book, a paper or hard cover book, and a PDF version. There are no marketing elements like business cards, web pages, and posters included in this package.

Book Marketing KickStart - $1799.00
Many authors already have a book published but would like to know more about marketing and promoting. This is a three-month program where I work with the author developing a 1 - 2 year marketing plan appropriate to the needs of their book.

Get Published Now! -Advanced - $2997.00
($1500 each additional book)

Due to the number of items included, I cannot describe each in this format. Please call me with any questions you may have about the elements of this program. I will send you a blank copy of the agreement for you to peruse. (407-529-8539).

Items included in this program:

- Develop client’s parked web page with links for book sales at online booksellers and author’s web site.

 - Book cover design, front-back-spine, or marketing image for ebook. (including grayscale versions)
- Interior layout & design (up to 10 photos or illustrations).
- Determine best trim size, fonts, page count, and format.
- Work with client to create marketing description for online sales.
- Provide price conversions to different country currencies.
- Help client get ISBN, LOC/PCN, SAN.
​ - Suggest BISAC codes (if desired).
- Prepare bar code with or without price extension.
- Strategize best publishing method for maximum profit.
- Upload for publication online as a trade paperback.
- Upload for publication as a Kindle (text only).
- Create PDF version for sale on author web site.
- Upload as an Adobe eBook. (via LSI, if applicable)
- Discuss pricing strategies, commissions, & print charge.
- Guide client in registering copyright.
- Design business cards or postcards with book cover design.
- Show client how to develop 100 blog ideas and provide list of potential book reviewers.
- 10 hours of telephone consult time on any publishing topic. 

(This package does not include editing.)

Marketing - $1000 per month or $10,000 per year.

“5% of the effort is writing and publishing; 95% of the effort is marketing and promoting.” – Rik Feeney

Personal Consulting - $150 per hour or 10 hours for $1000.00

(on any aspect of writing, publishing, or marketing your book).

Need something else?

Give me a call and we can develop a program specific to your needs.