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Testimonials for Rik Feeney

“Rik Feeney is a pro’s pro. His talks are always chock full of useful information. Rik is on the cutting edge. His talk on digital books contained up to the minute information  including current trends.”  -Gregg T. Golson, JAX, FL

“Rik Feeney is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable people in the publishing industry that we have met. He is always well prepared for his seminars and attendees come away with a feeling that their time has been productive. He is recognized by people in the writing and publishing industry as smart, well-qualified and on-top of current trends in the industry.”  -Hank & Jan Racer, Fleming Island, FL

“Rik’s look into digital publishing was quite helpful for someone trying to understand the shift from “book to nook” He gave out quite a few resources to aid with further discovery.”  -Anne M. Sereg, JAX, FL

“The presentation was so well organized that as I thought of questions Rik answered them before I could ask. Rik’s explanation of BISAC codes gave me some ideas for marketing and targeting a broader audience in one of my stories.”
-Teresa Bruce, Orlando, FL

“An information filled entertaining talk. Rik Feeney gives an interesting overview of the entire electronic publishing world from ebooks to print on demand.  -John Simmons, JAX, Beach, FL

​“The best explanation of the mechanics of writing a book I’ve ever heard! A kind “how-to” talk on the bare knuckles world of writing a book.”  -Jack Rhyne, Orange Park, FL

“Rik Feeney always gives more information than I can absorb! He shares his expertise in an interesting and fun way every time.”  -Bonnie Mitchell, Apopka, FL 

“Rik offers a lot of information that is very useful for aspiring writers. I found myself inspired by being surrounded by all the authors and the great ideas. I want to go home and write.  -Jeannie Camargo, Sanford, FL

It seems like Rik [Feeney] covered every possible fact needed for designing / putting together a book cover. I loved how simple he made everything sound.”  -Jackie Chase, Lady Lake, FL

 “So many new ideas. There is a way out. I get it.” Jimmie Moore, JAX, FL

“Software and hardware references helped me focus on what is needed for entering this field.”  -Rich Lee, JAX, FL

“I really appreciated how detailed the speech was without being overwhelming. The anecdotes were funny and helped break up an otherwise dry topic.”  -Sam Oliver, JAX, FL

“Rik’s talks are as entertaining as they are informative. He is very knowledgable about his subject matter.”
-Linda Rondeau, JAX, FL

“Rik has an incredible knowledge base, a pleasant demeanor, and is personable.”  -Melissa Kosciuszko, Fleming Island, FL

“Very helpful information about digital publishing! Good tips for websites for future use.  -Brenda Weiler, JAX, FL

“The storyboard/outline idea was elegantly simple. I’ve only been interested in fiction but you’ve opened my eyes to the possibility of dabbling in nonfiction. Thanks.”  -Sue Sheahan, Green Cove Springs, FL

“Wonderful. Positive. Motivating.”  -Robin Montesano, Chicago, IL

“I learned that writing a book can be easier than I thought. Rik’s storyboard idea is a great help in beginning to write a book.”
-Patricia Farrar, JAX, FL

“Enjoyed the humor. Liked the outlining concepts for nonfiction.” -MS Kosciuszko, Fleming Island, FL

“Rik used humor and encouragement to motivate the group to “do our best” and write a book. The talk was inspirational and thoughtful.”  -Andria McCann, Fleming Island, FL

“Rik’s talk had a lot of good ideas. I liked the one about jotting down notes on index cards. Also, the outline format for planning a book.”  -Kathleen Titra, Middleburg, FL

“Rik kept it interesting – fun – smiled throughout.” Raed Assar, JAX Beach, FL

“It was informative and fun. The suggestions were very valuable.”  -Billy Palmer, Gainesville, FL

“The presentation was very clear, concise, and well thought out. Humor is always an excellent tool.”
  -R. H. Fisher, Orange Park, FL

“Rik has a myriad of helpful ideas and gets your creative synapses firing. Very helpful organizational skills.”
-Sharon Gladden, Fleming Island, FL

“Rik is extremely knowledgeable on writing. Very interesting speaker. Keeps your attention.”  -Ron Zelek, Fleming Island, FL

“Extremely informative – a lot of worthwhile tips on the topic of marketing!”  -Kenneth Overman, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“Wonderful speaker! Will definitely use his services.”  -Laura Mathewson, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“Interesting and informative.”  -Barbara H. Sarvis, Ponte Vedra BeacH, FL

“Rik made the time pass quickly. Excellent information.” Carolee Bettisch, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“Well informed. Many good suggestions.”  -Dr. Paul A. Volz, JAX, FL

“Very good information Rik. Thanks. Put me on your list.”  -George Prom, JAX, FL

“Great, pertinent information about getting your book into the hands of readers and profits into your bank account. Real advice that you can follow.”  -DeDe Slater, JAX, FL

“Energetic presentation. Useful information.”  -Carolyn Evans, Atlantic Beach, FL

“I learned a lot. Left me wanting more.”  -Aileen Wietstruk, St. Augustine, FL

“Great detail on book cover layout. Electronic publishing tips are great!”  -Jackie Barton, Orlando, FL

“Well organized, informative presentation – a very thorough overview of the topic. Rik’s use of examples helped me remember the important points! Excellent, useful information. Thank you.”  -Toni Gitles, Lake Mary, FL

“Rik uses great examples to illustrate his points. He presented a ton of information in an easy to understand manner.”
-Denise Duggan, Sanford, FL

“Rik always delivers more than expected.”  -Myrna Ossin, Altamonte Springs, FL

“Rik was clear and comprehensive.”  -Gordon Johns, Apopka, FL

“I learned great tips for designing a book cover. Rik is a fun and informative speaker.”  -Joey Beauregard, Clermont, FL

“Good information for anyone who wants a book cover that grabs a potential reader’s attention. If you want to sell your book, pay attention and benefit from Rik’s experience.”  -Gary C. Warne, Altamonte Springs, FL

“Lots of good information. Excellent graphic illustrations.”  -Wayne Patterson, Casselberry, FL

“Great overall coverage of [book] covers. Some very professional cover examples shown – congratulations!”
-Erwin Wunderlich, Longwood, FL

“Lots of information. Rik is a very personable and enjoyable speaker.” -D. Michael Jervis, Ormond Beach, FL

“Informative and fun!”  -Gene Balliett, Winter Park, FL